The engineer fired for his memo about women in tech is suing Google for discrimination


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James Damore
James Damore during an
appearance on comedian Joe Rogan’s podcast.

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James Damore, the engineer that Google fired in August for
writing a memo suggesting women are less interested in tech
because of their biology, has filed a lawsuit against

Damore is alleging that conservative white men are discriminated
against at Google and that his firing was retribution against him
for his political views. The suit was filed in Santa Clara
Superior Court in Northern California.

Political affiliation is a protected class in many states. 

But the lawsuit is seeking class action status and wants to
represent more than just this one class, Damore’s
lawyers, Harmeet Dhillon, a partner with the Dhillon
Law Group in San Francisco told Business
Insider.  Dhillon and her law team were out canvassing
for people to join as plaintiffs against the class action suit.

So far, another Google engineer named David Gudeman who left in
December, 2016, is also a plaintiff,
reports Techcrunch. 

To recap: Damore’s memo caused a firestorm for implying that
biology was one reason for the lack of women in tech. Damore also
argued that it was a lack of tolerance of diverse political
viewpoints that needed to change.

After he was fired, he became a cult hero of the political right.
His lawyer,Dhillon, is the former
chairwoman of the Republican Party in San Francisco.

This story is developing.

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