Fujitsu’s Citywide Surveillance


FUJITSU Technical Computing Solution GREENAGES Citywide Surveillance

Currently, urban infrastructure is increasingly getting more complex as we face many social challenges, such as complicated crimes and unexpected natural disasters. This situation requires that the establishment of a safe and secure society become a global concern. Fujitsu Technical Computing Solution “GREENAGES Citywide Surveillance” can reduce security risks and increase an urban facility’s convenience by video analytics of live data from public CCTV cameras, using cutting-edge AI technology .The use of CCTV cameras has recently increased and video analytics can handle huge amounts of data that have been beyond human capabilities. GREENAGES Citywide Surveillance does not support only routine surveillance operations, but also retrieves informative features of vehicles and people in such normally unused data for smart city and town-wide surveillance.

Case Scenario at airport

Case Scenario at airport



  • Vehicle Recognition
  • People Recognition
  • Administrator Dashboard

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