Ask HN: Are there any good online communities for macOS devs?


#macdev on is still the prominent place specifically for macOS developers that I can think of.Not able to think of anything else off hand. Twitter or stackoverflow could be supplements. There’s other communities for Swift or other specific projects.

Make one! I put a Slack together for remote workers ( and it’s been really fulfilling to see the group and the level of conversation grow over time. Also a good way to network, both for you as the organizer, and for people in the group (a hiring or jobs channel in particular)

It would be great if you had a public preview of the content there. I’ve seen it done before, so there must be some kind of a slack app that lets you do that.As a remote contractor I sometimes feel that it would be nice to have a chat like that, but a few startup-themed slack channels that I tried out turned out to be no good for me.

Thought about this, and agreed that it’s a good idea. I know @levelsio had one for Nomad List’s Slack, but I don’t think he open-sourced the code. If someone knows of a lib to do that, let me know!

Just curious: why Slack vs e.g. Discord for these types of communities? I’ve seen both used but I’m interested to know from a community organizer standpoint where each platform makes more sense.

Good question. The chat actually started in Discord, which I think is actually a better tool for community chats (no archive limit, better permission management).The issue, and in my case, this is specific to the remote Slack, is that a lot of people who use it /already/ have Slack open for their day job.

Lots of people joined the Discord, but no one really chatted. When we moved to Slack it was like an instant adrenaline shot into the daily activity of the group.

Again, I think this is specific to the group — I’m in a couple crypto Discord channels that are SUPER active. It just happens that a lot of the remote workers in the group already have Slack open.

The silence here is stunning. Most of the support I’ve found is on slack or Google groups related to Mac administration (google macadmins) / munki packing tools. Not quite macos development, but a good place to learn how to package things.

I feel like there were great communities a decade ago, but these days I’ve been out of the Mac indie dev/customization scene for so long I wouldn’t know where to turn.

I feel like the answer is “Twitter”. Find a bunch of prominent macOS devs and talk to them. There might be a Slack or Discord or something you can get them to invite you to.

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