NBC’s brief blackout during the Super Bowl was due to an “equipment failure”


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The Super Bowl briefly went dark tonight after what NBC has attributed to a “brief equipment failure” during a commercial break in the first half. Instead of any ads, viewers just saw a black screen.

NBC claims that no commercial time nor game time was missed. If it had lost ad time, the seconds could have cost millions of ad dollars, considering a 30-second spot has been quoted to cost $5 million.

From NBC Sports spokesperson:
“We had a brief equipment failure that we quickly resolved. No game action or commercial time were missed.”— NBC Sports PR (@NBCSportsPR) February 5, 2018

Users of the NBC app or NBC’s livestream on its website also experienced other difficulties tonight, such as seeing several commercial breaks where the screen would reach a “Coverage will resume momentarily” message.

Seizing the opportunity, Tide continued its theme of being in every part of the Super Bowl tonight by tweeting that the nearly 30 second blackout could be a Tide ad. The outage appeared widespread as many on Twitter used the hashtag #blackout to talk about the black screen they were seeing.

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