‘I lead this company without political bias’: Google’s CEO will send a message to Trump during Congress grilling


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Google CEO Sundar Pichai will send a message to US President Donald Trump during his Congress grilling on Tuesday.

In prepared remarks published ahead of his House Judiciary Committee hearing, Pichai tackles the issue of political bias head-on, following several attacks from Trump and other prominent Republicans.

The president said in August that Google search results were “RIGGED” against him, while last month, he asked his Twitter followers to “check out how biased Facebook, Google and Twitter are in favor of the Democrats.”

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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan, the Ohio congressman, are also among those to target Google for allegedly punishing conservative voices in search results.

In response to the claims, Pichai will say: “I lead this company without political bias and work to ensure that our products continue to operate that way. To do otherwise would go against our core principles and our business interests.”

He will add: “Users also look to us to provide accurate, trusted information. We work hard to ensure the integrity of our products, and we’ve put a number of checks and balances in place to ensure they continue to live up to our standards.”

You can read Pichai’s full remarks here.

He is expected to face tough questions about search results, potential antitrust issues, and Google’s plans to launch a censored search engine in China. His testimony is scheduled for 10 a.m. ET / 7 a.m. PT on Tuesday. It is the first time Pichai has been questioned by Congress since becoming Google’s boss in 2015.

Ari Ezra Waldman, director of the Innovation Center for Law and Technology at the New York Law School, said there is “zero” evidence to support the theory that Google is fixing search results against the Republicans.

“Republican rhetoric around anti-conservative bias is merely a pretext, part of the current administration’s undemocratic assault on the free press. It’s part of a larger narrative that conservatives are under attack. It fuels the conservative base to lash out,” he told Business Insider.

“What comes up on search results on Google, for example, is the product of Google’s highly complex and proprietary algorithm, which is sensitive to what other people click on, share, and so forth.”

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Pichai’s hearing comes as Business Insider revealed that staff at Google’s parent company, Alphabet, have donated far more money to the Democrats than any of their peers at the other FAANG companies (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) since 2004.

Employees donated $16.3 million to the party, which was nearly $10 million more than employees from the next biggest funder, Amazon, according to the figures from GovPredict. Overall, 90% of the $40 million donated by big tech employees to political causes since 2004 has gone to the Democrats.

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