A guide to AppStore search optimization


Writing a good description is hard work and can take time. It is, however, essential to find the best way to entice and convince App Store users of downloading your app. Be as clear as possible: use line breaks, short sentences, small paragraphs, bullet points, symbols, etc. The point is to be easy to read!

Descriptions are not taken into account in the Apple App Store algorithm. However, Google indexes and ranks iTunes pages. Therefore, your app description needs to be optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is important to use relevant keywords.

In terms of best practices, make the first 255 characters of your description amazing. This first paragraph needs to be catchy and straight to the point, because it will be on your app’s page before the expand button (right under the first 2 screenshots).

Your icon should be carefully crafted in order to improve your Click Through Rate (CTR) and increase conversion. Make sure that it’s original and descriptive enough, without too many details. Adding a border and avoiding text is highly recommended.

There are several best practices that can boost your app store visibility thanks to a good app icon optimization. It is important to understand that your app icon makes your app’s first impression, along with your screenshots. People love visual content so make sure that it is absolutely well designed and carefully thought out.

It’s very important to keep your icon simple without text or too many details. It needs to be attractive and original so that you get more chances to stand out from other apps.

You can use your brand logo if your app is directly connected to your brand and if you have a strong branding. Otherwise, it is recommended to create a unique icon for your app. Try to use a flat design as much as possible.

It’s also highly recommended to update your icon along with the seasons or special occasions: Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day… don’t hesitate to show users that your app is alive and updated.


Screenshots are a very efficient way to convince and influence users to download an app. People prefer to look at screenshots rather than read a description. It is, therefore, necessary to optimize them. You can add up to 10 screenshots.

Your screenshots can really help convince a user to download your app. They should give an insight into the look and feel of your app while showing your app’s best features.

On iOS, the first two screenshots are displayed in the Search Results of an app. These actually make the first impression of your app. They need to illustrate what your app does and showcase your best features. Be catchy, original and awesome; you will hopefully drive more downloads.

Best practice: use a short descriptive sentence on the top of each screenshot to describe the feature shown.

Also, be sure to localize your screenshots: use different languages for each different country. You want your audience to understand completely what you’re telling them.

App Preview

App Previews are a good way to convince users to download your app. Use this great opportunity to explain what your app does. Show off your best features. It will help you to get some coverage as well. Your video should be extremely short: 15 sec – 30 sec. It will autoplay in the search results.

It demands a lot of effort to create a convincing App Preview that demonstrates the features, functionality, and user interface of your app in less than 30 seconds. Be sure to respect the Apple rules to avoid your video being rejected.

With iOS11, App Previews are shown in the Search Results and will autoplay when the user scrolls down to it. Autoplay makes apps with App Previews much more attractive to users, the video draws their attention and thus increases conversion.

App Details

Changing the following App Details can be time-consuming as they are directly linked to how your application is built and with which other elements it be integrated.

Yet, it is still worth optimizing them as each can have an impact on your conversion rate. For example, a user might cancel the download of your app if it takes too long (if your app is too big), or they might be looking for an app that they can also use on their Apple Watch etc.

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