I just tried Google’s brand new augmented reality Maps on a one mile walk through San Francisco, and I miss it already


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After picking up a cappuccino, I turned in the Android demo phone, thanked the Google team, and headed back to the Business Insider office.

Not knowing exactly where I was in San Francisco’s Financial District, I felt myself longing for the AR maps feature.


Even though I knew I was generally heading in the right direction, the AR feature made it so easy to get a quick “sanity check” that I was correct.

Although the graphics were a little wonky at times, the “alpha” version of the app generally worked smoothly and the user-experience seemed to be spot on.

While Google won’t reveal an official launch date, I’d be surprised if a broader roll out wasn’t coming very soon based on how close the feature felt to being complete.

And I hope it’s true because after only using the AR feature in Google Maps for less than a mile long walk, I miss it already.

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