A bubbling pool of mud is on the move, and no...

Traveling at about 20 feet a year, the muddy mystery has no obvious driver—and so far, it can't be stopped.

Our favorite photos from this week—taken by you

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These are the best astronomy photographs of 2018

From an otherworldly landscape in Utah to a blazing detail of the sun, these images showcase the beauty and mystery of the universe.

5 myths about voluntourism

Voluntourism opportunities aren't all created equal—here are five common stereotypes.

The importance of play

It’s no secret that play boosts learning skills, increases social skills, and even helps alleviate stress.

How World War I Launched Mapmaking at National Geographic

In the summer of 1914, Americans began reading news accounts of a conflict that would soon be called the Great War—and that would draw the United States in three years later. (See also: The United States Enters World War I). But it was National Geographic's maps that quickly helped Americans grasp the sweep of a…

Top guns of World War I

October 5, 1914, seemed like an ordinary day for pilot Sgt. Joseph Frantz and observer Cpl. Louis Quénault. The two Frenchmen were flying near Reims, northern France, on board a Voisin 3 biplane. The very fact that they were airborne at all was a miracle, since little more than a decade had passed since the…

What do the 2018 midterms say about climate action in the...

Voters sent mixed messages about how ready they are to tackle these urgent issues.

Hitchhikers make life difficult for Antarctic sea spiders

Algae, barnacles, and more can grow on sea spiders in Antarctica. How cumbersome can these clingy companions get?

Exclusive photos: A giant iceberg breaks off Antarctica

NASA scientists just got their first close look at a new iceberg three times the size of Manhattan. Our team was on the plane.