How a Wayward Antarctic Seal Ended Up on a Brazilian Beach

The young animal did not survive its journey, but provided an astonishing case study for biologists.

Pictures of Patriots Linebacker James Harrison’s Extreme Workout Recovery

James Harrision, linebacker for the New England Patriots, poses with vacuum pump cups attached to his body at the weekly Chinese cupping treatment he receives to recover his muscles from his strenuous preseason workout in Scottsdale, Arizona. Photograph by Fritz Hoffmann, National Geographic PUBLISHED February 2, 2018 New England Patriots linebacker James Harrison knows about…

Palau Becomes First Country to Require ‘Eco-Pledge’ Upon Arrival

As tourism to this island nation increases, the government has instituted a mandatory pledge for tourists—in the form of a passport stamp.

Here’s Where the Arctic’s Wildlife Will Make Its Last Stand

Forecasters say the region’s sea ice will dwindle to a strip above Greenland and Canada. There, polar bears and others will fight to survive.

Vintage Map Shows Santa’s Journey Around the World

A time capsule in more ways than one, a 1955 map features dozens of Santas cavorting all over the world.

What’s It Like to Have a New Face? Transplant Recipients Tell...

Three people talk about learning to accept a face that will never work as well as their first one.

See this year’s most stunning space pictures

Feed your need for heavenly views of the universe with our picks of the most awe-inspiring space pictures from the last 12 months. Photographers from our Your Shot community captured colorful auroras around the globe. Telescopes on the ground and in orbit beamed back stunning images of distant galaxies. Pictures taken from the International Space…

Inspiring the Next Generation of Climbers

This expedition is a new link in an important chain of exploration.

Photos of the Chinese Town That Duplicated Paris

On the eastern coast of China—some 6,000 miles from the City of Light—a 354-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower dominates Tianducheng’s skyline. Known as the “Paris of the East”, the luxury real estate development in Zhejiang province was designed to evoke classical European charm. Its residents have their own Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysées main…

Best Photos of 2017

National Geographic's 57 best images of the year—curated from 88 photographers, 112 stories, and nearly 2 million photographs.