Using Language Schools to Improve your Career Opportunities

Learning a Second or Foreign Language has a range of potential benefits to learners considering attending a language school. It is not a surprise that certain industries actively seek out bilingual or multilingual individuals and the full range of benefits might not be immediately clear. The top 10 spoken languages in the world in the 2010′s are Chinese Mandarin, English, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese and German. That being said, in some cases knowing a minority language can set you apart from other job applicants if you are applying for a “niche” role.

Increase Potential Pay with Relevant Language Qualifications

The more skills you have the more ‘valuable’ you are as an employee. Language skills are especially coveted in positions that deal directly with people such as jobs in events, support services, sales, healthcare, consultancy, public relations, diplomacy and human resources. Editorial, translation services are also lucrative for advanced speakers as they come in many formats, generally: speaking, writing and transcription. Coupling a relevant skill with a relevant language is ideal and being able to substantiate your skill level with a language school qualification is better.

Improve Employment with International Companies in Your Region

A large corporation with interests in multiple regions is more likely to employ individuals who can speak multiple languages than those limited to just one language. Even if you still work locally being able to communicate in – for example – Mandarin or German will set you apart as an asset.

Open Yourself up to Being Employed in Another Country

Travelling while you work is not ideal for everybody but if you want an opportunity to live in another country or region you will improve your chances by learning a relevant language. Dependant on opportunities available your industry you may be able to get away with part-time courses or you may need to attend extensive programmes at a reputable language school.

Meeting New People and Networking

Ease of communication improves your relationships with fellow staff, clients and in some cases, patients. Knowing someone’s mother tounge not only makes getting to know them easier but also builds on trust more easily. Also it is easier to identify new opportunities and to keep your “ear to the ground” if you are listening in two or more languages.

Access to New Cultures

Speaking multiple languages open you up to more cultures, ideas and beliefs. It not only affects how others see you but also how you see the world. Often this leads to being able to adapt to different situations and being more sensitive to other people’s situations. Learning additional languages also helps a person to significantly improve on their analytical and interpretation skills.

Remember that improving on your existing language skills or even learning a new language altogether will take a significant investment of time and money from yourself so make sure you choose a reputable language school to guide you. A professional service will help you get the best use of you time.